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Dangers of Yoga

Dangers of Yoga

Can yoga be dangerous? How this Widely accepted practice could harm us? Let’s find out the myths and facts about the “Dangers of Yoga”. But first, let’s explore the importance of yoga and understand some facts related to yoga.

“Yoga” or “Yog is a 5000 years old discipline originated in ancient India. It’s a widely accepted practice (physical, mental, and spiritual practice) all around the globe. People practice yoga for many purposes and the best thing is that anyone can practice yoga. Yoga helps in managing anxiety, stress, and other mental ailments as well as it helps in keeping your body fit; mentally and physically. Western countries have started accepting yoga as their essential part of their daily activities. In brief, yoga is one of the oldest solutions to many mental and physical ailments, which are common nowadays worldwide. Besides its acceptance and tremendous benefits, if I tell you that yoga can be dangerous for you in many ways. Would you believe me, Yeah? Not a digestible fact but yes, practicing yoga can be harmful to some of the cases. Few studies show that yoga cause musculoskeletal pain and injury, moreover the injury rate can increase 10 times from the past.

Before digging into; how yoga is dangerous? We should go through some important benefits of yoga so that we could able to count a better conclusion.

Some Kickass/unusual/fascinating benefits of yoga:

(I) Yoga works great for Insomnia. Regular yoga practice helps in taking the right amount of sleep.

(II) It’s a great option for maintaining blood pressure levels.

(III) Yoga increase body flexibility and it also improves the muscle strength which helps you to get the best body shape you can get.

(IV) Regular yoga practice helps in maintaining a balanced metabolism that prevents abnormal weight gain.

(V) It also improves cardio and circulatory health and enhances the efficiency of our recipes.

So we discussed a few of the benefits of yoga mentioned above. List of Yoga Benefits is Infinite. Then, what about the other side? What are the dangerous impacts of Yoga? Yoga can be dangerous if not done with the right approach. Let us find out more here:


Few of the Dangers, encountered by Yoga practitioners are as follows:

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Yoga Pain / Muscle Pain:

Yoga pain is a serious problem for many of us. There are some yoga poses that everyone cannot do properly. Practicing asanas with a wrong approach or without proper guidance can lead to severe pain in different body muscles. You can suffer from health problems if you practice certain yoga poses wrongly, some of them are given below:


(i) Backaches & Slip Disc: Bharadvajasana & Marjaryasana are some of the yoga poses helps in reducing back pain, but if done in the wrong way these asanas can cause a serious backache.


(ii) Neck sprain and pain: Matsyasana and Kapotasana are the asanas those you have to do with your neck. It works with neck twisting. If some do this in the wrong way it is possible he/she gets serious neck pain or sprain.


Yoga Injuries:

When Someone tries complex yoga poses in the wrong way or without any supervision or guidance of an expert, the possibility of getting a serious injury doubles. According to several studies, the rate of Yoga injuries is increasing. Many Yoga Forms require more flexibility and very hard to do. Curiosity for trying these asanas is a possible cause of yoga injuries.



Exerting too much effort and strain during your yoga class leads to exhaustion. Fatigue is a sign that you are overworking or doing too much yoga. Another type of exhaustion is heat exhaustion that is a result of hot or power yoga sessions.


Conclusion over “dangers of yoga”:

Finally, as we say everything has two faces. One is Good or another is bad. In Conclusion, Practicing yoga can be dangerous but when not applying the right approach or the way of doing asanas is wrong, especially when practiced without complete knowledge or proper guidance, yoga can bring side effects along. Hiring a personal yoga coach or attending yoga classes can be a good way to avoid the dangers of Yoga.

So, Yoga is still the best and right approach to heal physically as well as mental problems. Add yoga in your routine under the guidance of certified yoga trainers to prevent dangerous of yoga. Happy Yoga!

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