Yoga for senior citizens


Gone are the days when people thought that yoga is meant only for the young and the fit. However, elderly people can benefit from the vast variety of yoga asanas.

Yoga engages people of all age. It not only refreshes your mind and tones your body but also keeps your hormones in balance. The good part is, as you age, you can always continue with the simple yoga asanas meant for senior citizens.

The easy yoga asanas for seniors range from standing and sitting to lying down and chair yoga asanas. There is a host of asanas that the elders can perform easily.


  1. Trikonasana is also known as Triangle Pose, which is a very easy yoga pose for senior citizens. It helps strengthens muscles of the hip region. It also regulates the imbalance in blood pressure amongst the elders.
  2. The Butterfly Pose, commonly known as the Badhakonasana aims at reducing stiffness and swelling at joints. It also regulates the process of digestion.
  3. Another simple yoga asana for the senior citizens is Shishuasana or The Child Pose. This asana is a great reliever of back pain. It regulates the blood circulation too, by calming the nervous system.
  4. Shalabhasana or the Locust Posture is a very common type of yoga asana practiced by elderly people. It improves the process of digestion by toning the organs near the abdomen.
  5. Marjariasana, the cat-stretch pose relaxes the mind, releases back pain and imparts flexibility to the stiffness of the spine, that comes with age.
  6. Shukshma Yoga benefits people of all age. It includes exercises for the eyes, ears, necks, and hands. It uplifts your mood and improves the overall sense of balance and muscle strength in the body.


However, there are other yoga asanas for senior citizens too which can be done by sitting on a chair. Temple rubbing, eagle arms, rolling the neck, the low stretch, etc are very simple yoga asanas which come with great benefits.

Yoga Asanas for the elders comes with a bag full of advantages. Because they are growing older, the fighting capacity of their immune system deteriorates, which might cause various problems and diseases. Regularly practicing yoga asanas can help keep them away.

Senior citizens can have a more fulfilling life if they perform these asanas on a regular basis. They not only feel young but their attitude towards life also changes.

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